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      <item logid="38" pageid="149" ns="0" title="Bobouh" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2024-01-01T15:28:20Z" comment="Plus approprié">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Calendriers" />
      <item logid="37" pageid="142" ns="0" title="Laurène NIR" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2023-02-17T13:54:47Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="NIR" />
      <item logid="36" pageid="141" ns="0" title="Laurène LC" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2023-02-16T10:15:47Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Laurène NIR" />
      <item logid="35" pageid="131" ns="0" title="Chronologie Occupation" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2021-11-19T14:40:19Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Lang et Klein" />
      <item logid="34" pageid="130" ns="0" title="Carmille" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2021-11-19T13:44:06Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Documents Carmille" />
      <item logid="33" pageid="127" ns="0" title="Chronologie Carmille" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2021-10-22T11:55:31Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Chronologie Occupation" />
      <item logid="32" pageid="119" ns="0" title="Déportés de Nice" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2021-03-30T13:38:23Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Déportés notoires" />
      <item logid="31" pageid="105" ns="0" title="Fusion" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2019-05-19T20:19:43Z" comment="">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Fusion État - Sécu" />
      <item logid="30" pageid="44" ns="0" title="Vikhouneka" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2013-03-30T11:54:43Z" comment="Graphie de Marie Vidal">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="Virounèka" />
      <item logid="29" pageid="37" ns="0" title="Sommaire de La Révélation 2/ En hébreu dans le texte" type="move" action="move" user="Mll" timestamp="2013-03-03T20:54:58Z" comment="Simplification">
        <move new_ns="0" new_title="En hébreu dans le texte" />
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